The ninth month of the calendar year ushers in a host of Autumn loving holidays.

Before the Julian and Gregorian calendars, September was the 7th month of the Roman calendar. Septem means seven in Latin. At the time, there were only 10 months. In 700 BC, Numa Pompilius added January and February to the calendar. This change more accurately reflected the length of a year on Earth. As a result, September became the 9th month on the calendar.

Weather & Seasons

While September sees a downtick in the number of outdoorsy days, that doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and enjoy the waning days of summer. September is the first month of fall in the Northern Hemisphere and the first month of spring in the Southern Hemisphere. September’s full moon is appropriately named the Harvest Moon. However, the Harvest Moon occasionally lands in October because this full moon is so named. After all, it’s the closest one to the autumnal equinox in September. When the Harvest Moon lands in October, September’s full moon is named the Corn Moon.

Two lesser meteor showers occur in September. The first is the Aurigids and the second is ∈Perseids (not to be confused with the Perseid meteor shower in August).

What’s Your Sign?

The Earth sign Virgo (represented by the goddess of wheat) and the air sign Libra (represented by scales) are the zodiac signs for September. Two flowers represent September birthdays. The Aster blooms in purple, pink, red, and white. This fall flower blooms in September and attracts migrating butterflies. Another flower representing September births is the morning glory. It blooms all summer long and up to the first frost. Finally, glittery, blue sapphires are September’s birthstone.

5 Fast Facts

1. If you’re born in September, you might share a birthday with Herman Melville, Gloria Estefan, Keanu Reeves, Salma Hayek, Harry Connick Jr., Lance Armstrong, H.G. Wells, or Anne Burrell. So celebrate your September birthday by finding the holiday you share.

2. September is the only month with the same number of letters in its name as its numerical place on the calendar.

3. In 1752, the British switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. The adjustment caused rioting. Why? The change caused the loss of 11 days between September 2 and September 14. They were probably all born between those dates, too.

4. Only one U.S. president was born in September – William Taft.

5. Only one president was assassinated in September – William McKinley.

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