November often blows in like a hurricane. Other times it lingers like the warmth of the sun. For many, the month fills us with gratitude. It represents family holidays, too. As warm and cozy as November seems to many, others consider the 11th month of the year to be somewhat bleary. But if you look closely, holidays like National Cinnamon Day, National Doughnut Day, National Spicy Hermit Cookie, National Gingerbread Cookie Day, National Red Mitten Day and National Homemade Bread Day make November quite cozy.

Some of the days in November carry the whole memory of summer as a fire opal carries the color of moonrise. ~Gladys Taber

The word November is derived from the Latin novem meaning nine. On the Roman calendar, November was the 9th month of the year. Like October, Numa Pompilius moved November when January and February were added to more accurately reflect the length of a year on Earth. Along with September, this month makes the first rhyme in the poem we learn to help us remember the number of days in each month. “Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November.”

Weather & Seasons

Even though many consider November to be the last month of Autumn, it’s not. On the astronomical calendar, Autumn doesn’t end until the middle of December. However, it is considered the third month of Autumn on the meteorological calendar. So, for those fall-loving people, cling to every moment of cinnamon candles and crimson-colored walks by reminding your winter-loving friends of this. 

The Beaver Moon lights up in November. It is also called the Frost Moon since the first hard frost of the season typically makes its appearance in November. Two meteor showers appear in October. They are the Draconids and the Orionids. 

Football season is well underway. Basketball and hockey are heating up, too. Teams meet up for cross-country, lacrosse, and more while the weather holds.

What’s Your Sign?

Those born in November fall under Scorpio (scorpion) or Sagittarius (centaur) signs.

Both topaz and citrine are birthstones for November babies. Topaz comes in a range of colors including blue, orange, pink, and violet. However, red topaz is rare. Citrine comes in fiery oranges and yellows. Both stones are considered calming and soothing.

November’s birth flower, the chrysanthemum finds its glory this time of year with its fall colors. Also known as “mums” for short, a chrysanthemum’s colors carry special meanings:

Red = Love
White = Purity, innocence, pure love
Yellow = Slighted love

5 Fast Facts

1. If you’re born in November, you join the likes of Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Georgia O’Keeffe, Charles Schulz, Loretta Swit, Laura Bush, Will Rogers, Danny DeVito, and Billy the Kid. And you’re birthstones are beautiful, too. Look for Topaz and Citrine.

2. Daylight Saving Time ends in November. 

3. The Anglo-Saxons appropriately called November “Wind Monath.”

4. Many poets have written about November including Emily Dickinson, William Bradford, Lydia Maria Child, Sir Walter Scott, and Guns N’ Roses. However, Shakespeare never did write about the 11th month. 

5. November ties October for the most number of U.S. presidents born in a month:

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